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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I have no idea what I am doing

So it has been 12 days since I finished my university education and I am already climbing the walls. Not because I have nothing to do - I was a uni student for 3 years, I can laze in my bed with my laptop for days -  it just that I don't know what to do. Normally when summer comes around - well the 'summer holidays', it is never really summer here in the UK is - I relax with friends from home, laze about watching tv and convince my mum I am actually doing some uni work over the summer, so basically I just wait around for uni to start again so I have a .. The problem this summer is that I won't be going back to Uni come September and that is all too apparent for me.

So that is really the premise of this blog. It is something to fill my time while I figure out what I want to do in life because at the moment I just seem to list a number of careers of which I know very little about every time someone asks me the dreaded question. It has been less than two weeks since I finished uni and I am already hatching a plan to maim the next person who asks me 'So,what do you want to do?' which leads to me bullshitting some answer to 50 of my grandma's closest friends.

I see that once again I have gone off topic, I could edit this blog however I have spent the past 3 years writing in standard english making use of correct and proper grammar so this blog is a break from that - it is my thoughts, musings, ideas, plans - read blahh (def: Blah - the ridiculous shit and rambling that comes out of my mouth, or hands in this case, when I forget to think). Plus as an English Language (soon-to-be) graduate I know all about using language in different ways for different purposes and blogs do not require correct spelling, grammar or structure however if any potential employers happen to stumble across this blog in the future I would like to make it clear that I can write in concise and coherent sentences. I am just merely choosing not to, for stylistic reasons - and the fact that this is my blog and I really don't want to sit and edit my thoughts because otherwise I will have to read them back, meaning that I will see that I am writing complete nonsense therefore I will never post anything thus the whole point of this blog is lost. so yeahh...

I have no idea what direction this blog is going to go in but for once I am not going to plan posts like I used to with my old beauty/fashion blog, I am just going to write what ever I feel like. So beware readers reader this blog may stray from my wonderful mind to the lastest poltical and econmic crisis or the more superfical things in life such as my hair or shoes - I feel that the latter is more likely. But for now this blog is going to document my life as ' a drain on society' as my dad likes to call me due to my unempolyed status. I am not a drain on society, just him and my mum - however I fear that that annoys him more.

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